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21 MAY 2019
Throughout the history of mankind the theme of the "mask" has been a recurring element. It is usually seen as a mechanism used by our psyche to develop a second skin, that makes us feel more secure and protected. It's a kind of psychodynamic make-up.
This workshop aims to explore our "True Self" that lies behind the social masks we have created.
Using creative processes, the workshop aims to create an open environment in which to explore and reveal the "mask" and the "Idealised Self", unveiling the "True Self" that resides within us, and thereby open up the possibility of transformation, development and inner well-being.
This is an invitation to just "Be" and "Know" the Spirit, the Soul and, finally, the "Higher Self". New and creative ideas tend to emerge when we discover who we really are, as we look at places previously unknown to us.
The workshop will use techniques such as meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, positive psychology, individual and group psychodynamic processes, and others. This will be an interactive space open to everything that emerges during this creative adventure.

The workshop will be coordinated by Alain Gourette and Fausta Rendall. 

Access: 80 €

  • LocationBiblioteca
  • Schedule10h00 - 17h00
  • Days21 MAY 2019

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