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02 MAY 2018
"Delirious anatomy” is a collection of feverish studies dedicated to a body part.
It is a work based on the study of anatomy—on its history and on the perspective of Chinese medicine, physiology and palaeontology—, on iconographic or literary crossings, as well as on empirical experience. Delirium appears so as to destabilise and rename the parts. It is caused by rubbing facts and fiction, by attacking the organs and the tasks they were assigned. The goal is to trigger crises and revolutions that may allow for more freedom when creating the body, and thus to redesign its shapes, gestures and functions in order to broaden its way of being and existing. The first choice is to isolate a body part and cold-heartedly place it in an empty studio. The studies focus on the orifice—the orifice as a passing place, since the transit between the inside and the outside generates delirium. To be delirious is to lose it. Given that anatomy is the discipline that names the constituent parts of the body, "Delirious anatomy” also explores the symmetry between the writing process and the choreographic process, between word and gesture. • Ana Rita Teodoro

Sonho d'Intestino
Orifice Paradis

Aprox. duration 1h50 
Age rating >12

Image: Delirar a Anatomia: Orifice Paradis © Laurent Friquet

She has a master’s degree in dance, creation and performance from the National Contemporary Dance Centre in Angers and the University of Paris VIII (2011/2013). She attended the Fórum Dança (2002) and the Course on Choreography at the Gulbenkian Foundation (2005). She studied at c.e.m. with Sofia Neuparth, among others. With an improvement grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation and the support of the National Dance Centre (assistance with research and dance heritage), Ana Rita carried out a theoretical-practical research on the transmission modes of butoh dance by Yoshito Ohno (2015-2017). She’s an associate artist at the association Parasita (with João dos Santos Martins) and at the National Dance Centre (Pantin) since 2017.
Conceito e coreografia Ana Rita Teodoro • Interpretação Ana Rita Teodoro, Katerina Andreou, Marcela Santander Corvalán, João dos Santos Martins, Daniel Pizamiglio • Desenho de Luz José Álvaro Correia • Figurinos Aldina Jesus • Produção Associação Parasita, CNDC Angers (no quadro do Master Essais de l’École Supérieure du CNDC Angers (2013) • Residências Artísticas CN D (Centre National de Danse, Pantin), La Métive (Creuse), Polo Cultural das Gaivotas (Lisboa), Companhia Olga Roriz (Lisboa), Espaço do Tempo (Montemor), Incubadora das Artes (Santarém), mala voadora (Porto), Artistas Unidos, Alkantara (Lisboa) • Coprodução "Palco” Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Sá da Bandeira (Santarém) e CN D (Centre National de Danse, Pantin) • Apoio Fundação GDA, Atelier Real

  • LocationAuditório de Serralves
  • Schedule22h00 - 00h00
  • Days02 MAY 2018
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