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09 MAY 2018
Julie Nioche

What traces do our loves leave in our bodies? 
"Love for the horizon, committed love, voracious love, elastic love, clumsy love, love for lost time, love for the invisible... our loves are inscribed somewhere inside us.” "Nos amours” [Our loves] explores a series of sensory memories of various loves that followed Julie Nioche, crossed her life and left several traces, which are shared in an intimate solo dance she performs herself. The choreography comprises generous, non-directive variations. It is underpinned by somatic practices that have always fascinated her, and that allow one to watch her bodily, psychic and emotional traces, and to render hidden and unexpected memories accessible. "Nos amours” offers it all. It is an impressive light choreography, with an a cappella choir as sound track, composed by Alexandre Meyer and based on "The Goldberg Variations” by J. S. Bach performed by Glenn Gould.

Aprox. duration 1h
Age rating > 12

Imagem: Nos Amours © Pierre Grosbois
Choreographer and osteopath, she performed for Odile Duboc, Hervé Robbe, Meg Stuart, Alain Michard, Catherine Contour, Emmanuelle Huynh, Alain Buffard and Jennifer Lacey. Her research subject is the ‘body image’, around which she carries out numerous creation and research projects. In 2007, she founded the Association of Moving and Committed Individuals as a team of teachers-researchers, community leaders and activists. The association focuses on creating and developing citizen art to share and promote dance and the knowledge that comes with it, namely somatic experiences of social medicine. Nioche grounds her projects in distinct settings, shared with architects, musicians and visual artists, so that they take on different configurations and as many diverse audiences as possible experience them.
Conceção, coreografia, cenografia Julie Nioche • Interpretação Julie Nioche • Criação do desenho corporal Laurent Cèbe • Inscrição dos desenhos no corpo e manipulação da cenografia Lisa Miramond • Criação musical Alexandre Meyer (a partir das Variações Goldberg de J.S. Bach interpretadas por Glenn Gould – 1981) • Produção A.I.M.E. – Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés • Coprodução Théâtre National de Bretagne (Rennes), Le Grand R – Scène Nationale La Roche-sur -Yon, Musée de la Danse – Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours, Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes, Vivat d’Armentières, Théâtre d’Arles • Apoio Région des Pays de la Loire
  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule22h00 - 23h00
  • Days09 MAY 2018
  • Price€ 10,00

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