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Katharina Grosse (Freiburg, Germany, 1961)

Somewhere between painting and sculpture, 'Atoms Outside Eggs' may be considered a sculptural painting, paradigmatic of Katarina Grosse’s experiments with coloured materials withdrawn from the conventional support of a painting to form painterly objects which aimed to bridge the gap between colour and matter.The title refers to the two different shapes used as supports for the painting, eggs and spheres. Grosse organized the elements in a particular constellation of more or less even distribution and spray-painted again over the already coloured surfaces. On the one hand she applied different colours in such a way that when seen from different angles each time particular colours dominated, such as purple when seen from one side, orange from another. Additionally she used for the first time a very fine nozzle for her spray gun to apply linear drawing in the shape of scribbles on top of the cloudy expansions of paint, thus bringing into the museum techniques and forms usually associated with street art, namely graffiti. Together with their dimensions, the arrangement of the eggs and spheres in the space contributes to cancel any privileged point of view for the perception of painting. Experiencing in the surrounding exhibition space an all-encompassing walk-through situation that is understood as a part of the work itself, the visitor may feel s/he has entered a world of Gulliver.Katharina Grosse’s work started to acquire a high degree of public visibility when she began to spray-paint rooms and facades towards the end of the 1990s. All the spectacular quality of such work notwithstanding, her practice has always been guided by her fundamental concern with basic questions of painting, in particular the way colours and shapes, or the applied paint and its support, relate.

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