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from 25 JUN 2019 to 25 JUN 2020
This exhibition offers two different approaches to the cinema of Manoel de Oliveira. An interactive videowall proposes a journey through the director’s oeuvre. Organised using a chronology that itself represents how his oeuvre evolved over more than eight decades, different sets of documentation are presented in relation to each of Oliveira’s films. Film sequences, photographs, texts, scripts, correspondence, preparatory drawings and a wide selection of other documents help us interpret and contextualise some of the key issues, creative processes and thematic and formal options that mark the singularity of his oeuvre.
A second section, consisting of five simultaneous and synchronised projections, explores possibilities of presentation of cinematographic materials in an exhibition context. Spatialisation of the images fosters confrontation between different shots and sequences that, as an exercise of analysis and recomposition, aims to explore approximations and resonances between different moments within the same film, thereby rendering explicit some of the formal peculiarities of Manoel de Oliveira’s oeuvre.
This permanent exhibition also aims to be a dynamic exhibition. In addition to functioning as a repository of the activities developed by the Casa do Cinema in relation to Manoel de Oliveira’s oeuvre, it will be permanently renovated and reconfigured, thereby offering multiple perspectives of the director's cinema.  

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  • LocationHouse of Cinema
  • Days 25 JUN 2019 - 25 JUN 2020

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