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Voyage to the Beginning and Back - From the collection in Terminal de Leixões
from 18 JUL 2019 to 06 OCT 2019
Marking the 30th anniversary of the Serralves Foundation, the exhibition, Voyage to the Beginning and Back, presents works of significance or that occupy an important place in the genesis and history of the Serralves Collection and Museum: either because they were included within the original set of works of the Collection and Museum, or because they were produced specifically for Serralves, or because they had their first a public presentation in Serralves, or, finally, because they formed part of major exhibitions that constituted fundamental moments in either the artist’s career or the history of Serralves.
Besides occupying Serralves Museum and Villa, the exhibition extends to two places that symbolically exemplify Serralves’ relationship with the city of Porto, and with foreign visitors who visit the Museum: the Paços do Concelho (City Hall) of Porto City Council and the Leixoes Cruise Terminal, where it is possible to see works of art by Tatjana Doll (Steinfurt, Germany, 1970), Katharina Grosse (Freiburg, Germany, 1961) and Adrian Schiess (Zurich, 1959). 
Serralves's programming has always been closely related to the North of Portugal, either by presenting exhibitions of works by artists and from cultural contexts linked to what is considered to be one of Portugal’s most active artistic centres, or through exhibitions held in some of Porto’s most emblematic spaces and those of nearby cities. This exhibition offers an overview of this history, while projecting itself in a present and future, in which Serralves is increasingly sought by visitors interested in learning more about the North of Portugal and Porto and contemporary cultural events in the city, including those held in Serralves. In the intersection between the past and future, between nature and construction, Voyage to the Beginning and Back, a bit like the famous Möbius strip, is a journey without a beginning or end. All aboard! 
Voyage to the Beginning and Back is curated by Marta Almeida, assistant director of the Museum, Isabel Braga and Ricardo Nicolau, curators.  

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