Creative Industries

The Serralves Foundation intends to remain a leading institution in addressing the Creative Industries, via reflection, debate and trendsetting regarding key issues for the sector, as well as enhancement of the respective support ecosystem.
In this context, Serralves positions itself as an open, multidisciplinary collaborative platform, that aims to foster experimentation of ideas and projects, driving innovation and internationalization processes in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI's).

The Foundation aims to strengthen its role in stimulating and articulating the Creative Economy at the regional, national and international level, acting as a forum for reflection and dialogue within the ICC's, and acting as an agent within the Region’s Innovation Ecosystem, creating and exploring new creative contexts, territorial dynamics and formation of audiences for Contemporary Art, Education and Environment.

During 2013 and 2014, INSERRALVES has continued its repositioning process as a support platform for the Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC's). 
These have been years of focusing and consolidation of activity, as well and designing and structuring future projects and partnerships. There has also been continuation of counselling activities for entrepreneurs included within the existing incubation programme. 
Serralves remains committed to consolidation of a Creative Industries cluster in the North Region.

A privileged space at the crossroads between Culture and the Economy, Serralves has assumed a pioneering role in the development of the Creative Industries in Portugal. It serves as an example of continuing and permanent innovation, with a strong investment in creativity, management, precision and excellence. 
The work in the area of Creative Industries has been developed since 2004 and focuses on a new model of strategic planning related to the installation of a creative industries hub in the northern region.

Some significant benchmarks in the activity of Serralves in the Creative Industries:
Nov. 2004: Serralves organised the first international conference on Art and Business. 
Nov. 2004: inauguration of Serralves Shop to sell design and merchandising objects associated to the Serralves brand. 
Nov. 2007: INSERRALVES – Creative Industries Incubator project is presented, which launches a competition for those interested in participating in the creation of a Creative Industries Incubator. 
2008: INSERRALVES houses 7 projects to conjugate creative ideas with entrepreneurial solutions, selected from 76 applicants.  
Oct. 2008: ADDICT, the Agency for the Development of the Creative Industries, is created, an association governed by private law with various public and private partners, promoted by Serralves. 
2009: 1st edition of POPs. 
June 2009: the winners are announced of the 1st National Creative Industries Award - PNIC, launched in a partnership between Serralves and Unicer, and for which 170 projects competed - the winners are eligible to become part of the INSERRALVES incubator. 
Feb. 2012: Forum on "Creative Entrepreneurship: experiences and new challenges”. 
Oct. 2012: INSERRALVES starts to offer the new service of Virtual Incubation. 

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