Schools and Teachers

The Educational Service bases its activities on the natural, museological and architectural heritage of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and Serralves Park, in order to create closer and stronger ties with the community. New forms of cultural participation are therefore proposed, from the perspective of sharing interests, knowledge and affections, in transversal approaches that span art, architecture, the environment and citizenship.
The Educational Service’s working processes are open and flexible. They aim to stimulate thinking and creativity, value reflective learning, foster dialogue and be potentially transformative. This programme aims to engage with different audiences and contexts, through partnerships with schools, universities, associations, groups with special needs, among other institutions. 

GALP SE 2018


A 18 de setembro de 2018, às 17h00 na Biblioteca de Serralves, realiza-se o Encontro Anual de Formadores, com o objetivo de apresentar o programa de atividades, e assim possibilitar a sua integração nos projetos educativos e culturais das escolas.

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