Special needs groups

Serralves aims to provide a connection with institutions that aim to provide support and monitoring for groups with special needs, through the organisation of continuous programmes, with weekly or monthly periodicity, thus making it possible to discover the Foundation’s heritage assets. The proposals are tailored to the specific characteristics of each group, and are aimed at stimulating relational attitudes, develop autonomy, implementation capacity, in collaboration with the respective technical experts.

GALP SE 2018

Using a dynamic and dialogue-based approach, the workshops aim to explore the living heritage of Serralves -  ranging from the natural component of the Park to the challenges associated to the Museum’s range of contemporary art exhibitions. In this manner, the proposals question our sensory perception and inspire our curiosity for new experiences and contact with new subjects, materials and supports. Renewed forms of establishing relationships with painting, drawing, body expression, construction and contact with nature will be developed in an environment of permanent participation and affection.

Co-ordination: Ana Vieira, Andreia Coutinho, C. Camargo - Oficinas de Artes, Catavento – Projetos Educativos, Dina Marques, Joana Nascimentos, Mundo Científico - Educação e Divulgação Científica, Raquel Sambade, Sofia Santos, Sónia Borges 
Duration: 1 /12 hours/number of sessions to be defined/free access

Max. no. of participants: 5 participants (minimum) / 12 participants (maximum)


The Serralves Museum presents a diversified programme of contemporary art exhibitions. The guided tour aims to contextualise the works on display, from the perspective of stimulating dialogue and multiple interpretations.

The visit-workshop offers the opportunity to discover Serralves’ heritage assets and the exhibitions on display in the museum via thematic routes, combining theoretical and dialogue-based aspects with small exercises in the exhibition galleries, with a communication approach designed for persons with special educational needs.

A walk through Serralves Park makes it possible to recognize the landscape, ecological and aesthetic value of a space that has singular characteristics, suitable for multiple learning processes and experiences.

The activities are subject to prior booking with the Educational Service, from 10:00-13:00/14:30-17:00 (except at the weekend). Prior booking sheets are available online

Cristina Lapa: ser.educativo@serralves.pt
Anabela Silva: a.silva@serralves.pt

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