Founder, Sponsors and Support

The Founders’ make a decisive contribution towards helping the Foundation fulfil its Mission and embrace the significant financial commitment necessary for implementation of its activity plans, continuous reinforcement of the Art Collection and renewal and improvement interventions of its spaces and infrastructures. 
For companies that would like to become involved in the Serralves project, the Foundation offers a vast array of possible forms of collaboration within the framework of sponsorship, thus creating projects in which the Sponsor will play an important role as an active member in the framework of a partnership. 
The Portuguese State is one of the founders of Serralves (since 1989). This partnership constitutes a key part of Serralves’ innovative management model, that lies at the heart of the Foundation’s creation  and underpins its activity: reconciling autonomy from private interests and independence from political power, via a working methodology based on forging partnerships with the Founders and active cooperation with the State, involving great efficiency and rigour in the management of resources.
 In this manner, the support from the Portuguese State, represented by the Secretary of State for Culture, has also guaranteed the funds required in order to implement the Foundation’s statutory goals.
The success of the "Serralves” project depends to a large extent on our capacity to establish a long-lasting and mutually enriching association with the different entities that pertain to the Board of Founders.

In pursuit of its activities with the Community, the Fundação de Serralves has developed several new forms of cooperation with local authorities based throughout Portugal. It has thereby established successful partnerships that have made it possible to expand the access network and thus enable local communities to draw closer to art and culture.


"Institutional support for the creation of other financing solutions for artistic and cultural projects, by connecting the creative and cultural sector with institutional and private partners, plays a fundamental role within global recognition of the economic value of the creative and cultural sector, wherein artists’ work constitutes a key factor in defining Portugal’s contemporary identity. "

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