Board of Founders
Emílio Rui Vilar - President

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The success of the "Serralves” project depends to a large extent on our capacity to establish a long-lasting and mutually enriching association with the different entities that pertain to the Board of Founders.
Becoming a Founder of Serralves, involves taking part in an ambitious project, of national and internal renown, and identifying with the positive values of an institution that plays a leading role in the field of the arts and landscape, through the excellence of its initiatives that have a strong impact on the community.
The Founders contribution has played a key role in enabling the Foundation to embrace the significant financial commitment necessary for implementation of all the activities and initiatives held to date, which has been possible thanks to the continuing support received from its Founders, in particular the State, thus guaranteeing high quality programming and pedagogical initiatives of a very broad social reach. 

Tax Benefits 
The Portuguese State recognizes the importance of the Foundation's activities. It therefore grants a tax benefit regime to companies that support the Foundation, within the framework of the Sponsorship Law, thus permitting them to leverage their contributions for tax purposes.
In this context, contributions to the Serralves Foundation benefit from the regime established in the Sponsorship Law, stipulated in no. 2 of art. 3 of Decree-Law no. 163/2001 of 22 May, in accordance with the wording given by Decree-Law no. 240 – A/89, of 27 July that established the Serralves Foundation and approved its respective Statutes. 
As such, contributions to the Serralves Foundation may be reported as costs during the financial year in which they are made, at 120% (for annual contracts) or 130% (multi-year contracts) of their original amount, in conformity with the provisions established in nos. 1 and 2 of article 62 of the Tax Benefits Charter, in the wording given to it by Law no. 64/2008, Law no. 64-A/2008 and Law no. 10/2009.

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