In pursuit of its activities with the Community, the Fundação de Serralves has developed several new forms of cooperation with local authorities based throughout Portugal. It has thereby established successful partnerships that have made it possible to expand the access network and thus enable local communities to draw closer to art and culture.
The municipalities with which Serralves has collaborated over the years, including the following Founding Municipal Councils:

In relation to these councils, the Foundation has assumed the commitment to implement a series of actions associated to this specific Statute, through individual agreements tailored to the needs of each of the municipalities.
It should be emphasized that a lasting relationship between a Founding Municipality and Serralves always has a distinctive and unique character, primarily due to the specific situation, which allows the creation of a project adapted to the local populations, with the goal of promoting contemporary culture and environmental awareness, in addition to other competencies provided by Serralves.
It should be noted that the Foundation’s collaboration with each municipality is governed by an Activities Plan, preferably biennial, which is usually agreed jointly. In order to ensure better articulation of the relations between the founding municipalities and Serralves, the Foundation annually sends a set of possible exhibition initiatives to all Founding Municipal Councils, as well as other cultural and environmental activities, in order to enable the municipality to identify within this range of options the most appropriate activities for their specific situation.  

Presentation of a series of exhibitions that have been specially conceived to be presented in spaces outside the Museum that pertain to Municipal Councils. Although they are designed and secured on the basis of a specific topic and a list of works, these exhibitions can be adapted, in function of the number of works of art, to the spaces that request to host them.

The online catalogue includes:
- Each exhibition’s concept and list of works;
- Description of the associated educational activities - workshops, guided tours and activities for teachers and students, designed by Serralves’ Educational Service;
- Description of the technical specifications for assembly of the works and the essential characteristics of the exhibition spaces;
- Exhibition history of each show;
- Availability as an itinerant exhibition.

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