Visiting Serralves Villa

A visit to Serralves Villa offers a chance to take a trip back in time: to this unique example of Art Deco architecture, built in the 1930s. With great decorative rigor and quality materials, the Villa benefited from the intervention of leading figures of the time, such as Marques da Silva, Charles Siclis, Jacques Émile Ruhlmann, René Lalique and Edgar Brandt.

Visitors can gain an in-depth understanding of the history of the origins of this Villa, which belonged to Count Carlos Alberto Cabral, including explanation of the architectural and decorative details that create its unique atmosphere.

With its façade overlooking the Rua de Serralves and the main entrance located in the Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa, Serralves Villa is a significant example of Art Deco style. 
The implantation of the building observes an approximate Northwest-Southeast orientation in profound articulation with the garden. 
The chapel was given a new exterior covering that ensured that it would be visually integrated within the overall building.
The building’s interior is distributed across three floors: a basement floor, which includes the kitchen, pantry and service areas; a ground floor including all the living rooms, dining rooms, atriums and library; and a first-floor which corresponds to the private quarters.
The villa’s interior architecture and decoration perhaps makes it the most notable example of Art Deco style in Portugal. 
The Foundation’s current collection of furniture only includes a small part of the Villa’s original furniture, given that many of these items were sold at auctions and thus dispersed, prior to acquisition of the property by the Portuguese State. 
Located in one of the highest points of the property, the Villa presides majestically over the Park, which opens out in front of it and either side. 

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