Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies (2019–2021)

The Board of Founders is constituted by all the entities identified in article 35 of the Charter (Decree-Law no. 240-A/89, of July 27), by the State and all those to whom this status has been granted by the respective Board, following a proposal by the Board of Directors, and via a duly well-founded decision approved by an absolute majority. The status of Founder shall be granted in function of the relevant services provided to the Foundation or the specific merits of the respective applicant. 

Emílio Rui Vilar - Chairman

The Board of Directors is composed of nine members - the chairman, three deputy-chairmen and five members. Their mandate is for a three-year period and the designation of new directors is made by secret ballot, requiring an absolute majority. The Board itself is responsible for the choice of members, with the exception of two directors that are always nominated by the State. The chairman and deputy chairmen of the Board of Directors are elected by the Board itself from its respective members, by secret ballot, requiring an absolute majority. 
The Board of Directors is always constituted by natural persons, the majority of whom are members of the Board of Founders. 

Current Composition*
Ana Pinho – Chairman
Manuel Ferreira da Silva – Vice-President
Isabel Pires de Lima – Vice-President
José Pacheco Pereira – Vice-President
Carlos Moreira da Silva
António Pires de Lima
Manuel Sobrinho Simões
Fernando Cunha Guedes

    *Members listed according to date of admission
    Ana Pinho – Chairman
    Manuel Ferreira da Silva
    Isabel Pires de Lima
    The Statutory Audit Committee is composed of three elected members, one of whom is elected by the Board of Founders from amongst its members, the second by an official auditing firm designated by the Board of Founders and the third, who will chair the committee, is nominated by the Minister of Finances. The members of the committee have a three year mandate.  

    Current Composition
    Amílcar Pires Salgado - Chairman
    - Adalberto Neiva de Oliveira 
     PWC - PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS & ASSOCIADOS - SROC, LDA (Represented by: José Manuel Bernardo)

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