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The level of activity of the Serralves Foundation is monitored monthly. 
A balanced scorecard of the annual evolution (2007 to 2011) of the main indicators of activity in terms of visitors, press references and site visits, is presented below.

With the role that the Serralves Foundation plays in promoting arts and culture in the city, in the northern region, and in the country as a whole being clear, there is the conviction that it also plays an important role as an economic agent with a major impact on the economy of the city of Porto, and northern region of the country. 
This study quantifies the economic dimension of the Serralves Foundation by estimating the direct, indirect and induced impacts of their activities. Besides the quantified size of this impact, the studyalso characterizes in detail the links between Serralves and the different stakeholders: visitors (residents and non-residents), suppliers and entities of the cultural sector, the education sector entities, corporations and other institutions. This study aims to characterize the Serralves Foundation as a creative and cultural entity, as a tourist attraction, as an educational institution, as a dynamic facility of the creative industries, as a social boost, and an economic agent generating employment, consumption, income, tax revenues, etc.

Consult here the executive summary of the Economic Impact Study of the Serralves Foundation

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