The Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira is a new centre of excellence for the cinema and the moving image, integrated within the spaces of the Serralves Foundation. In addition to a permanent exhibition, a documentation centre and film screenings that provide regular access to Manoel de Oliveira's oeuvre, the Casa do Cinema will present a programme of temporary exhibitions, thematic and monographic film series, retrospective, conferences, publications and educational programmes, through which it promotes different ways to approach contemporary cinema, within a broad reflection on the art of our epoch.
In conjunction with the Museum of Contemporary Art’s multidisciplinary approach, the Casa do Cinema’s activity reflects on the migration of the moving image between the gallery space and the cinema, testing different ways to present filmic materials in a museum context, in the era of proliferation of images across a wide array of different platforms, channels and technological devices. Through its partnership with other national and international institutions, combining research with a diversified programme aimed at all audiences, the Casa do Cinema aims to expand the unstable material of the cinema to an inexhaustible plurality of different kinds of cinema: films, artists, filmmakers, objects that project new perspectives on the past, while assuming a commitment with the present and critically anticipating the images of the future.


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Rua D. João de Castro, 210
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