Admission fee and tickets


Museum + Park + Villa: €15
Museum + Park: €12


Under 12s
Members of Amigos de Serralves
Free entrance for all BPI clients. (Offer of one Museum + Park ticket per account holder. Valid ID document and a credit/debit card required.)


Museum + Park + Villa: €15
Museum + Park: €10
Free Admission: <12A, BPI (bilhete Museu+Parque), Amigos (todos os bilhetes), 1st sunday every month

Prices include VAT at the standard rate.
*Subject to presentation of an ID document or Portuguese Residency Card. This discount is only valid for ticket purchases on site - non-valid for online purchases. 


13-18 years old
Seniors (65 and over)

Subject to presentation of valid ID document.

Holders of CP Alfa Pendular and Intercidades tickets


10% DISCOUNTS - from 1 January 2017
Tickets Yellow Bus: discount at the Serralves Store, BookShop and Restaurant 
Tickets BlueBus: discount at the Serralves Store, BookShop and Restaurant 
Tickets Douro Acima: discount at the Serralves Store, BookShop and Restaurant 

Separate tariff, subject to prior booking.

When you’re in Porto, visit Serralves... and discover much more. A trip to Serralves is a chance to discover a magnificent heritage and an intense and vibrant programme. Make this experience even more unforgettable with the joint tickets with several cultural and tourism institutions of the city. These tickets are for sale at Serralves Foundation and any of the other institutions. 

Visit Serralves + Guided tour Casa da Musica: 17,60€ (save 4,40€) *

Serralves + Sea Life: 20,40€ (save 5,10€) *

Serralves + Palácio da Bolsa:  17,60€ (save 4,40€) *

Serralves + Torre dos Clérigos:  13,60€ (save 3 €) *

Serralves + Museu do Côa + Museu do Douro: 19,20€ (save 4,80€) *

(*) Prices valid from 1 January 2018

Customers of Comboios de Portugal (CP – Portuguese Railways), holding Comfort / 1st class tickets or Tourist / 2nd Class tickets for Alfa Pendular and Intercity trains and InterRail and Eurail Customers. 
Discounts when purchasing tickets to Serralves: CP Customers who hold valid train tickets can benefit from a 25% discount in all events held in and organised by Serralves, including visits to the Museum and Park. Customers holding Comfort / 1st class tickets or Tourist / 2nd Class tickets for Alfa Pendular and Intercity trains and InterRail and Eurail Customers can benefit from this discount. This discount is applicable for the period between 5 days before and after the ticket’s validity date in the case of Alfa Pendular and Intercity customers and 10 days before and after the ticket’s validity date in the case of InterRail and Eurail customers.
Discounts on CP tickets: 25% discount (Comfort Class / 1st Class) and 20% discount (Tourist Class / 2nd Class) for roundtrip tickets on Alfa Pendular or Intercity trains for duly accredited visitors to Serralves. These discounts cannot be accumulated with any other discounts. All means of payment are accepted except Requisitions and Cheque Trem. CP Customers travelling to Serralves to attend activities or visit the Foundation’s spaces, may purchase their CP ticket at a discount, provided that they present the respective entrance ticket to Serralves on the return journey, on penalty of otherwise being subject to pay the difference for a full fare without a discount. If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket for Serralves, or have an Annual Invitation, you can present your ticket when making your return journey. The ticket to be presented may be a visitor’s ticket to the Museum and Park, or to performances in the Auditorium, Conferences and Programmes organised by the Educational Service.. Visitors to Serralves who would like to benefit from these conditions when purchasing their CP tickets, must state at the time of purchase of their ticket that they intend to travel under the terms of the cooperation agreement signed between CP and the Serralves Foundation, and the visit to the Foundation must be made between 5 days before and after the validity date of the Serralves Ticket / Invitation or the ticket’s validity date. Only the following valid transport tickets will be accepted: valid Alfa pendular and InterCity roundtrip tickets, to Porto/Campanhã or Vila Nova de Gaia stations, subject to presentation of the ticket proving the visit to Serralves (at the time of purchase or during the return trip).

Prior authorisation is required to organise private photo shoots, commercial or otherwise. Send an email with an authorization request to, with at least 48 hours prior notice.

Duration of the shoot and fees 
- A 2-hour photo shoot costs € 308 (VAT included).
- If the customer exceeds the duration of the shoot, they will be charged € 123 (VAT included) for each additional hour;
- The fee will not be refunded if the customer does not make use of the full duration of the shoot (2 hours).
- There will be no fractional payments (minutes) – after exceeding two hours, full amounts per hour will be charged. 
- Members of Amigos de Serralves enjoy a 10% discount.

- Please check your ticket upon purchase. No changes or reimbursement will take place.
- Children aged below 12 shall always be accompanied by adults.
- Bags and/or other packages should be left at the Cloakroom.
- No pets may be brought into the park, except for guide dogs.
- Video recording and photos without flash are permitted, except for commercial or public use, or when prohibited by the artist whose works are on display in the exhibition.
The library has made available computers with free access to the blind and those suffering from amblyopia.
- Food may not be eaten within the Museum. Picnics are not permitted in the Park.
- Tricycles and non-motorized scooters can circulate within the Park, provided that they are small-scale and driven
by children aged over 12. 
- Ball games or other games that may damage the ground surface or planted areas, are not permitted.
- Visitors may walk on the lawns, except for the Parterre Central and Parterre Lateral.
- Visitors are not permitted to enter water areas or tanks, for bathing or other purposes.
Free Wi-Fi service in Serralves: Areas within Serralves Park, outdoor zones of Museum and Villa, Restaurant esplanade, and in the Museum's Library.

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