Seasonal Farmer's Markets

Over recent years there has been growing public awareness that food doesn’t appear "by magic" on supermarket shelves. We are once again hearing about agriculture and the idea that not all farming techniques produce the same results in terms of human and environmental health. This has led members of the public to seek more reliable food sources. When choosing what we want to eat, people are increasingly influenced by the idea that more environmentally sustainable modes of production, processing and distribution of foodstuffs will also produce more nutritious foods, and will also stimulate the local economy and generate jobs.
The Seasonal Markets in Serralves Park were created in order to stimulate a closer relationship between the general public and foodstufs and lead people to adopt local producers and shops, in a logic designed to foster self-sufficiency in Porto - a city that is informally in transition (International Movement of Cities in Transition).
During the Markets there will also be free demonstrations associated to the related themes. Some of the proposed activities include discovering local foodstuffs which are highly nutritious and often undervalued - such as chestnuts, nettles or purslane; planting aromatic plants or vegetables at home in capillary vases; learning how to cook with the sun or learning how to preserve food using the fermentation process.

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