Arboriculture service
To promote the quality of life of trees and preserve their natural heritage.

The Arboriculture service of the Fundação de Serralves is comprised by a core set of specialists and technicians trained in the area, who are ready to develop practical treatment and conservation of trees in order to ensure their physiological, sanitary and aesthetic equilibrium.

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The Fundação de Serralves provides the following services:
- Pruning
- Cleaning and treatment of cuts, wounds and cavities
- Shoring and application of tensioning wires
- Phytosanitary Treatment
- Felling and removal
- Clearance
- Pruning formation of medium and large-scale trees

There are many different reasons for calling a team of experts:
- To clean and treat cuts, wounds and cavities that arise in branches and trunks in order to avoid rotting of internal tissues;
- To prevent or cure infections and parasitic invasions;
- To apply shoring and tensioning wires when trees lean over excessively to one side; 
- To remove the tree when it menaces the safety of those using the space, especially in public spaces.
Analysis of the intervention needs is made on a case-by-case basis, and therefore an initial diagnosis is essential for application of the techniques.
At present, Jorge Rocha is the coordinator of the work of the arboriculture team. The team consists of a core group of specialists and technicians trained in the area, who are ready to develop practical works of treatment and conservation of trees to ensure their physiological sanitary and aesthetic equilibrium and can also provide gardening services in addition to specific arboriculture services.

The idea originated in 1989, when the Foundation was originally established. At that time, it proved necessary to treat the arboreal heritage purchased by the State and there was no one to oversee this task. It was therefore necessary to hire an English tree "surgeon", John Bullington, since there was no one in Portugal who could oversee this task.
In the words of Jorge Rocha, our tree "doctor" 
He was the first Portuguese tree surgeon (Notícias Magazine, 1999)

"I was a gardener, and in 1991 I had the opportunity to learn how to work as a tree surgeon at the Fundação de Serralves. I worked for four years with an English technician, John Bullington. When he left, he said that I was prepared to be a surgeon, and all this work was placed in my hands. "
"A tree surgeon tries to enable trees to live for a few more years, by cleaning cavities, removing fungi that may have developed, from the wounds."
"When we started doing this kind of work in the Foundation, we didn’t contemplate accepting outside commissions. The sole objective was to take care of the park, but people started calling us, because they didn’t know how to solve the problems of large-scale trees."
"Our work doesn’t interfere with the life of the tree, it’s the opposite of what people are used to seeing."
Public authorities
Ars Norte
Câmara Municipal da Sertã
Câmara Municipal de Fafe
Câmara Municipal de Lousada
Câmara Municipal de Meda
Câmara Municipal de Portalegre (Recuperação de árvores centenárias)
Câmara Municipal de Porto de Mós
Câmara Municipal de Póvoa de Lanhoso (Escoramento e manutenção de um Carvalho centenário)
Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso
Câmara Municipal de Seia
Câmara Municipal de Trancoso
Câmara Municipal do Marvão
CCDRN - Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte (de 1994 a 2011)
Direcção dos Serviços da Conservação da Natureza dos Açores
Jardim Botânico de Lisboa
Mosteiro de Tibães – IPPAR
Reserva Natural do Paúl do Boquilobo (ICN)

António Emílio Gomes & Filhos, Lda
Aveleda – Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial da Quinta da Aveleda, S.A. (1994 até 2000)
Casa das Artes-DGARTES
Cedofeita Jardim, Investimentos Imobiliários, S.A. ( de 1998 a 2005)
Colégio Alemão
Fundação La Salette
Mota Engil – Imobiliário e Turismo, S.A.
Oporto Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club
Ordem dos Médicos
Profijardim, Lda
Quinta da Boeira
Quinta da Penha
Sheraton Porto

Private entities
Américo Ferreira de Amorim (Granja)
Eduardo Moura e Sá (Lever)
Fernanda Symington (Porto)
Firmino Mirando  (Caramulo)
Hilda Carvalho (Porto)
Isabel Magalhães (Porto)
João Pinheiro (Braga)
Manuela Pinto (Carvalhos)
Maria da Graça Janson (Porto)

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