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* Subject to presentation of an ID document. 
** Same fee as for the Individual Membership Card.
Prices include VAT at the standard rate.

... Free and unlimited entry to the Museum and Park.
... Be in the front line and attend our amazing inaugurations and exclusive guided tours.
... Enjoy countless unforgettable experiences with the family, with over 500 events per year.
... Enjoy the best that Contemporary Art and Nature have to offer, with a wide range of discounts and benefits for you and your family.

- 10% discount for 3-year membership (calculated on the membership fee).
- 50%* discount for Over-65s, Students, Teachers (Subject to presentation of the corresponding supporting document)

Amounts include VAT at the standard rate.


Individual - 1 year: 50€
Over-65s, Teachers, Students (50% discount): 25€
Individual - 3 years: 135€
Over-65s, Teachers, Students (50% discount): 67,50€
Family - 1 year: 75€
Family - 3 years: 202,50€


10% Discount for 3-year membership
Discount calculated on the membership fee.
This discount is cumulative with the 50% discount foreseen for Over-65s, Teachers and Students.

Direct Debit 
Quarterly payment of the membership fee:
- Individual - € 12.50 / quarter
- Family - € 18.75 / quarter

To enjoy the discounts, visit the Serralves Foundation’s information desk or send an e-mail to, to present the respective document.
You can also renew your card via the online store: visit the Internet page of Friends of Serralves today in the Online Shop!

The amounts include VAT at the standard rate.

Partnership with the Círculo Dr. José de Figueiredo - Friends of MNSR
From now on members of Amigos de Serralves and Friends of the Soares dos Reis National Museum have access to more benefits:
- 10% discount on membership and renewal in the Amigos de Serralves Programme for the members of the Círculo Dr. José de Figueiredo, subject to proof of membership;
- 10% discount on membership and renewal of the annual quota of members of the Círculo Dr. José Figueiredo, subject to proof of membership;
- 10% discount on enrolment in courses at Serralves and MNSR

The Family category applies to how many holders?
The Family Friend foresees 2 Holders (adult) with the offer of an unlimited number of Junior Friend cards for children up to 12 years.
For young people aged between 12 and 18 years, there is an additional amount of 10 € / year for each holder (plus the cost of the Family card).
Children aged over 18 years cannot be included in the family card.

Must all the Family Friend cardholders be related?
Yes (e.g. father, mother, grandmother, father, etc.).

It is mandatory that the Family Friend has Junior members?
Yes. The Family Friend presumes the adhesion of two adults and at least one child aged under 12 (the number of children aged under 12 is unlimited).

How does the Direct Debit modality function?
The Friend must fill out a form with his details, including the necessary bank information. He should then select the Annual or monthly Direct Debit option, and after bank verification, Serralves will process sending the card and send it to the address shown on the form.

If I want to join / renew for 3 years via the direct debit system, are the discounts cumulative?
Yes, you will benefit from a 10% discount for 3 year membership.

Do you still have doubts?
For further clarifications, please contact Manuela Ferreira via telephone 226 156 591 or by email:

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