Guided tours in Portuguese Sign Language

Since May 2015, in partnership with the Laredo Associação Cultural, the Serralves Foundation offers monthly guided tours in Portuguese Sign Language. 

The tours are specifically designed for the deaf or hard of hearing, enabling the visitors to establish a dialogue in their own language with the museum’s exhibitions, contemporary art, and the architecture and landscape of Serralves.

According to the Charter of Rights for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, signed in 2001 "culture should be easily accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing in all areas: arts, literature, science, technology, museums, creating the necessary conditions for such". This proposal from the Educational Service of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art responds to the challenge of establishing a connection between the deaf or hard of hearing and this leading international Museum.

Access: free ticket (issued on the day)
Capacity: 25 people
Concept and Realisation
This group of visits is based on a proposal from the Serralves Educational Service, in partnership with the Laredo Cultural Association. This is an original initiative that aims to present the universe of the Serralves Museum to the deaf or hard of hearing, in Portuguese Sign Language.
The visit in Portuguese Sign Language implies a creative process that is developed over two separate occasions: 
a) Study of the selected exhibitions, in a collaboration between the Laredo team with the Serralves’ Educational Service team. b) Development of a demanding process of interpretation/adaptation in a language of visual-spatial modality, in collaboration with the deaf or hard of hearing.

- To provide moments that establish relationships of understanding and familiarity between the deaf community and the Serralves Museum;
- To promote the inclusion of the deaf or hard of hearing, ensuring communicational accessibility;
- To develop creative reflection via dialogue between the general public and mediators;
- To create gestures that respond to the need to communicate content that is specifically related to the collection and the exhibitions of the Serralves Museum;
- To publicise the collection and the exhibitions of the Serralves Museum;
- To contribute to making the Serralves Museum a leading entity, at the national level, as a cultural area that is open to ensuring the accessibility of its content for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Design of methodologies that will activate group participation in construction of knowledge:
- Proposal of cognitive challenges, inviting participants to build personal perspectives and meanings regarding what they have observed at the Museum; 
- Establishment of a horizontal, interactive and fluid dialogue based on different moments of the visits.

Laredo Team 

Joana Macedo (Porto)
Professor and cultural mediator since 2003, she has collaborated transversely on projects that combine the History of Contemporary Art, Cultural Programming and Education in informal educational spaces (The Teaching and Animation Centre of the CCB, Grão Vasco Museum, Paula Rego Stories House). She recently completed her Master’s degree with a thesis on an embroidered tapestry by Paula Rego. She is currently collaborating with the discussion group "Yo Soy Un Otro", organised by the Invisible Pedagogies group in the Matadero de Madrid. She is the programming coordinator for the Andanças Festival. 

Susana Tavares (Vouzela)
Cultural mediator and interpreter of Portuguese Sign Language (LGP). Her career has been developed in the educational services of museum spaces, where she has dedicated herself to the creation, disclosure and execution of educational programmes for different audiences. Committed to ensuring that the deaf or hard of hearing have access to cultural facilities, she takes part in innovative projects, such as the project developed by the Coimbra School of Higher Education (ESC) and the Conímbriga National Archaeological Museum, which involves the participation of deaf students, teachers, historians, linguists, and Portuguese Sign Language interpreters. She is part of the Visual Corpus Theatre Group (Coimbra), whose main objective is to highlight sign language and the specific world view of the deaf or hard of hearing. 

Consultant: Miguel Horta (Lisbon)
Miguel Horta (1959) is a painter who is dedicated to sharing and communicating with others, and as a result his work extends to cultural mediation (museums, public libraries and school libraries, problematic neighbourhoods and prisons, streets and public squares). Horta is also an illustrator of children’s books (Pinok e Baleote-PNL and Dacoli e Dacolá-PNL). Rimas salgadas, a children's book of poems on the sea, is ready for publication. He wrote the play Retratinho de Amílcar Cabral. As a storyteller he intervenes in highly varied contexts, regularly narrating at Palavras Andarilhas. He recently presented the oral narration show Arribalé! at O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo). Trainer in the area of reading mediation and mediation with persons with special educational needs. He is part of the 10x10 project of the Discover Programme/Gulbenkian. In 2012 he exhibited Troncos e marés in the Appleton Square Gallery (2012). In 2014 he founded the Laredo Cultural Association.

Guest Consultant: Joana Cottim (Porto)
Socio-educational mediator in training and communication, she has worked as a Deaf Guide, in several museums and cultural spaces since 2014. At the same time, she is a teacher of Portuguese Sign Language at the Reference Schools for Bilingual Education of Deaf Students, working in the Santa Maria da Feira School Grouping. She received her BA Hons Degree in Educational Sciences, and completed her Master’s degree in Education and Deafness, in 2014, dealing with the subject of Deaf Leadership in the context of the Association Movement. She is recognised and valued by the Community of the deaf or hard of hearing, providing social and community services, namely linked to Deaf Associations. She serves as President of the National Committee for Young Deaf or Hard of Hearing Persons, a young people's organisation linked to the Portuguese Federation of Associations for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Serralves Team
Coordinator and Programmer: Denise Pollini
Producers: Diana Cruz and Cristina Lapa

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